Google AI explorations

Designing and prototyping new product experiences,
enabled by emerging AI technologies.

Google AI: 10 months

Product strategy, interaction design, UX patterns, advanced prototyping, applied technology, R&D, machine learning, IP and patents, new markets
The content of this work is highly confidential, so we can't talk about it. But here's an overview of how we worked.

Deep collaboration.

We worked with Matt Jones and Rob Marchant at Google AI, exploring ways in which humans and AI can begin to work together. Our interest was specifically in trust and control. Using design thinking and advanced prototyping we uncovered a range of new product and interface concepts, enabled by AI.

The relationship was highly collaborative. We worked closely with internal teams in Google but retained the benefit of our own autonomy and external studio space and practice. This made for an accelerated product design and development process, the best of both worlds.

Design process.

Understand - Analysed emergent themes, questions and technologies from previous research projects and distilled into a set of briefs.

Research sprints - high energy, extremely focussed design sprints ranging from 2-4 weeks in duration, thinking through making to better understand the space and uncover new opportunities.

Resolve - Consolidated findings to inform a final deliverable and worked with teams across Google to evaluate the inclusion of concepts in future products.

Machine Learning as a material.

As part of our process we collaborated with other machine intelligence teams in Google Brain and PAIR to develop new ways of interacting with deep learning systems.

Through experimentation with emergent technologies, and productising recent advances in research, we built an understanding of the considerations and opportunities of on-device ML - overcoming the technical and UX challenges to create meaningful and delightful products.

'We spent ~10months working closely with Nord Projects. They’ve been a fantastic group to work with - thoughtful, inventive and spectacularly productive! I heartily recommend them to anyone looking for a design and prototyping partner.'

- Matt Jones, Principal Designer, Google AI

Matt Jones
Principal Designer, Google AI

Matt's known for his interesting ideas about AI, this recent talk references some work that we were closely involved in.