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Mood Board Search

In this public Experiment with Google Research, we used a new technology called Concept Activation Vectors (CAVs) to research and develop a moodboard-based tool that exposes opportunities for subjective expression in AI.

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Recent work

A collaborative AI camera for Google Research.

A speculative prototype explorinh what it feels like to share a camera interface with AIs trained on visually subjective concepts, that were developed using CAVstudio.

AI material explorations

A series of bottom-up collaborative projects with the Hardware+AI team at Google. Working with emergent AI technologies to develop prototypes that question the role of AI in our homes and workplace, and expose alternate product realities.

Moonshot design with X.

Working closely with teams at Alphabet’s advanced R&D lab ‘X’. Applying design and technical expertise to give shape to and inform the development of near, mid and far-term moonshots.

Project Oak, meaningful control of data.

Using Google's Project Oak technology to uncover ways to make data more fluid, enabling opportunities that were previously deemed impossible - technically, and ethically.

Glasgow School of Art, Winter School 2020.

New perspectives: a 1 week speculative prototyping workshop for the climate crisis. 160 students from 6 universities designed new experiences that satisfy the needs of both humans and nature.

Google AI user experiences.

Exploring ways in which humans and AI can work together. Using design thinking and advanced prototyping, we uncovered a range of new product and interface concepts, enabled by AI.

Sennheiser, earbud onboarding

Working with product teams to redefine Senneheiser’s second generation of world-class Momentum True Wireless earbuds. Onboarding, to interaction design, to hardware implications.

Little Printers, a friendly new messaging app.

Little Printers is a new open-source iOS and IoT cloud platform designed to bring your Little Printer back to life. Stylised message templates are back, as well as exciting new 3rd party integrations.

Ome, the smart doorbell.

We helped Ome create their first product - a connected doorbell, chime and iOS app. Ome’s understated design aesthetic (uncommon in IoT) is reflected in the companion app to feel more like an accessory of your home than a gadget app.

Loffi, a cycling glove with a mission.

We helped London-based cycling startup Loffi develop their product and marketing strategy for the launch of their first product ‘glove’ on Kickstarter. As seen in Designs of the Year, Glove is now part of Design Museum’s permanent collection.

Google, Future of Android UX

A near-future strategy project exploring connected devices. Working as an embedded team within Google, we designed and developed hard-coded experience-led prototypes.

Cove, a music therapy app for NHS.

We worked with Cove to help develop their mental health therapy app for NHS. Cove provides young people with a way to express how they feel through music, stored in a personal journal.

Tingbot, Raspberry Pi creative app platform.

Tingbot transforms complex, scary electronics into a fun product that makes creating apps really simple. Tingbot began as a side project, Kickstarter £48k, and shipped 1000s of units globally.

Grisedale Pike, a dialect bot.

A hacked ‘Nook’ displays content from a @GrisedalePike - a bot that ‘grumbles’ about the weather in Cumbrian dialect. E-ink refreshes are subtle: a calmer way of inviting tech into our home.

Mixim, music collabs 10x faster than Dropbox.

A software tool for remote collaboration between musicians, producers and sound engineers. Built over 2 years with Innovate UK funding, filed a patent, praised by Ministry of Sound, and Mixmag. Mixim launched in 2017 and has over 5000 users.

Loyalty Co. rewards experience.

We created a white-label MVP for Park Technology bringing big business loyalty to independent shops. Graphical points visualisations using metaball physics and 3D particle systems gamify discovery and local points collection.

We like meeting new people, potential collaborations and the prospect of new exciting work. If you have a project in mind, drop us an email.