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Brand new ⚡️🚀🎁📣🏁

We spent 10 months exploring ways in which humans and AI can begin to work together. Using design thinking and advanced prototyping, we uncovered a range of new product and interface concepts, enabled by AI.

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Recent work

Google Lantern, real-world AR.

We worked with Google to productise their newly released Android Things OS - to inspire designers and developers to engage with the platform. Using an Ikea lamp, laser projector and Raspberry Pi, Lantern explores the relationships between surfaces and content - augmenting real-world objects and environments with glanceable data.

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Little Printers, a friendly new messaging app.

Little Printers is a new open-source iOS and IoT cloud platform designed to bring your Little Printer back to life. Stylised messaging templates are back, as well as some new ones! We’ve also built integrations with other phone apps and 3rd party services like IFTTT and Slack, as well as developed a clever new sharing model for ‘social devices’.

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Ome, the smart doorbell.

We helped Ome create their first product - a connected doorbell, chime and iOS app. Ome’s understated design aesthetic (uncommon in IoT) is reflected in the companion app to feel more like an accessory of your home in your hand, than gadget app. Simple features like silencing the Chime are sensitive to the needs of the user (and their young children).

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Loffi, a cycling glove with a mission.

We helped London-based cycling startup Loffi develop their product and marketing strategy for the launch of their first product ‘glove’. Loffi’s website and Kickstarter campaign are built from the ground up to communicate the benefits of Glove to Loffi’s target customers/cycling tribes - boosting reach and conversation rates.

Google near futures.

A strategy project exploring device relationships in 3-5 years time. We worked as an embedded team within Google designing and developing interactive, hard-coded prototypes to test new experiences and create IP.

Cove, a music therapy app for NHS.

We worked with Humane Engineering to help develop their mental health therapy app, Cove. Cove is designed to provide young people with a way to express how they feel by making music and storing it in a personal journal. Cove is currently being trialled with the NHS.

Tingbot, Raspberry Pi creative app platform.

Based on the Raspberry Pi, Tingbot transforms complex, scary electronics into a fun product that makes writing apps really simple. We began Tingbot as a side project, raised £48k on Kickstarter, manufactured it, and now sell it online to a global audience.

Grisedale Pike, a dialect bot.

A hacked e-reader that displays tweets from @GrisedalePike - a bot that's always grumbling about the weather in Cumbrian dialect. In contrast to phone/TV screens, e-ink refreshes do not demand our attention, providing a calmer, more respectful approach to inviting technology into our homes.


Mixim, music collabs 10x faster than Dropbox.

Mixim is a software tool for remote collaboration between musicians, producers and sound engineers. We built Mixim over 2 years with Innovate UK funding, filed for a patent, and gained interest from the likes of Apple, Ministry of Sound, and Mixmag. Mixim launched in 2017.

Loyalty Co. rewards experience for shopping locally.

Park Technology is a startup bringing big-business loyalty methods to small independent shops. We created a white-label MVP, gamifying discovery and local points collection. The app features graphical points visualisations using metaball physics and 3D particle systems.

We like meeting new people, potential collaborations and the prospect of new exciting work. If you have a project in mind, drop us an email.