Nord Projects is a design invention studio, working hands-on with advanced technologies to create meaningful products.

Project: Google Lantern

We’re a design and technology consultancy. We work collaboratively with companies to figure out what’s next and how to get there - from early stage research and development to delivering useful, well designed product experiences.

We like projects of all shapes and sizes, from exploring the frontier of new tech with clients like Google, to crafting the first product for startups like Ome.

We work like a start-up to create products that delight users and solve business problems.

We’re a small team with a history of working together. With design thinking at our core, we focus on where technology and the human meet. We prototype to help us think, to solve complex problems, and uncover new opportunities. Our work spans mobile, web, connected devices, and AI, working closely with clients through:


Transform user needs and business goals into a compelling proposition.


Create meaningful products with a beautiful look and a wonderful feel.


Build technology and provide a codebase that's a lasting asset to your business.

Strategy & invention.

Strategic research and development for companies like Google.

Working with new technologies to create product visions and prototypes that prove feasibility, explore new markets, create IP, and inspire future product direction.

Design & development.

Starting with a solid strategy motivated by customer needs and business goals, designing and building a product from scratch.

Includes anything from MVPs for startups to market-ready rollouts for established brands. Design, build, test, polish, iterate...


We also dedicate time to developing our own projects. These are often open-source, or about developing IP in a specific area.

Why? Sometimes, the only way to know is to try. To learn, to launch, or because we can't help ourselves.

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'We spent ~10months working closely with Nord Projects. They’re a fantastic group to work with - thoughtful, inventive and spectacularly productive! I heartily recommend them to anyone looking for a design and prototyping partner.'

- Matt Jones, Principal Designer, Google AI

Matt Jones
Principal Designer, Google AI

Creating tools for human happiness.

Nord Projects is Ben, Joe and Mike. We’re based in London but work globally, from our studio in Hackney, or wherever our clients are. We prefer to work closely with companies, like an extension of their team.

We’ve worked together on design and invention projects since 2012, and share a philosophy of comprehensivists over specialists - spanning digital and physical, valuing both reason and emotion. We work on one project at a time, 4 days a week. This lets us focus entirely on the work, preserving the principle of an idea and crafting it into something special.

Ben’s a product / interaction designer. His work’s been exhibited in places like the V&A, and featured by Wired and Fast Co. His one hit wonder was a condom you could open with one hand.
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Joe’s a full stack technologist. Since graduating from the University of Cambridge he’s built everything from experimental generative graphics to device firmware to distributed ML systems.
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Mike has been leading development teams for the last 5 years delivering projects used by millions of users. He has worked across iPhone, Mac and Web on apps like TVPlayer and At The Races.
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We like meeting new people, potential collaborations and the prospect of new exciting work. If you have a project in mind, drop us an email.