We use design and
technology to create
meaningful products.

Hi! We’re Nord Projects.

We're a design and technology consultancy. We work like a start-up to build products that delight users and solve business problems.

We love making things.

We’ve been working together since 2012 on projects like Tingbot and Mixim. These are the kind of projects we love best - where great design and solid engineering make the complex simple.

We work across mobile, web and connected devices. Our work focuses on:


Transform user needs and business goals into a compelling proposition.


Create meaningful products with a beautiful look and a wonderful feel.


Build technology and provide a codebase that's a lasting asset to your business.

We work with
people like...

Sometimes we build
our own stuff too...

A kit product that turns
scary electronics into a fun
accessible coding platform.

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A software tool enabling
musicians to collaborate online
10x faster than Dropbox.

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Nord Projects is Ben, Joe and Mike. We work together really well, and we've got years of experience doing it. So you’re in safe hands.

Nord is small for a reason - we're the ones actually designing and making your product. Too often ideas are diluted by oversized, fragmented teams. We're able to preserve the principle of an idea and craft it into something special - to create brilliant products.

Ben’s a product / interaction designer. His work’s been exhibited in places like the V&A, and featured by Wired and Fast Co. His one hit wonder was a condom you could open with one hand.
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Joe’s a full stack developer. Since graduating from the University of Cambridge he’s built everything from experimental generative graphics to iPhone apps to cloud-deployed web platforms.
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Mike has been leading development teams for the last 5 years delivering projects used by millions of users. He has worked across iPhone, Mac and Web on apps like TVPlayer, At The Races and Mixim.
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We like meeting new people, potential collaborations and the prospect of new exciting work. If you have an enquiry relating to any of these please get in touch.